Classifying open source projects status

I have several open source projects on GitHub. Some are active and some are abandoned, for example projects I worked on a few years ago related to technologies I’m no longer interested in.

The question is : how to honestly and quickly express this state to a visiting user ? Badges are the perfect way. Here is the classification I came up with so far :

The ideal case. The module is stable, is usable and has a quality I’m proud of. I’m keeping the source and dependencies up to date. I answer quickly to questions and contributions, my environment is ready.

A common case. I no longer work on this project, but it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer useful. Fell free to use it ! But don’t expect updates or fast answers. You are welcome to fork and take ownership in specialized module repositories. I will point to your fork if it becomes the main branch.

This is a new project I’m working on. You may have heard of it in a meetup or a blog post. You are welcome to have a look, but it is not ready for use in a serious project. API can change anytime. I may rewrite half of it whenever I feel like it. You are warned.

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